Department Listing


Lynnette Matza, CPA
President and Chief Executive Officer

owner and customer relations, human resources, office administration


Anders Backlund, J.D.
Chief Risk Officer and Senior Vice President, Claims Department
claims fax (402) 392-1791

reporting of incidents, claim investigation, assignment and coordination of legal counsel, policy holder consultation

Corporate Compliance

Denise A. Hill, J.D., CPCU
Chief Compliance Officer and Senior Vice President, General Counsel

regulatory, compliance, legal

Insurance Operations Division

Jim McCoy
Chief Underwriting Officer and Senior Vice President, IOD;

physicians and surgeons, workers' compensation, and miscellaneous general liability lines; regulatory compliance, premium quotes, application processing, insurance binders, certificate of insurance, policy issuance, change of address

clinical risk education, office/practice assessments and consulting

Information Systems

Jim Walters
Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, Information Systems

technology and information system development and implementation

Finance Department

Karen Riley
Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Finance

accounting, accounts payable, financial reporting, premium billings

PCI/Business Development

Ann Wozny, A.A.I.
Vice President, Business Development

marketing, sales, and agency functions
corporate communications, public relations

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