Member Testimonials

Our employees are empowered to create personalized solutions for the medical professionals we protect. We strive to deliver products and solutions that meet our members’ constantly evolving needs and treat every member with supportive, flexible, personalized service on every interaction.

Read what our members have to say about our service.

Testimonial from Dr. Scott, insured for 12 years by PPIC

“When you are sued, everything seems to be on the line. It is a difficult and emotionally turbulent period. PPIC stood behind me and offered excellent protection and gave me the ability to determine what to do at a critical juncture.  In this case, they supported me in my pursuit towards a trial, and ultimately, to a successful trial and acquittal. I was very happy with PPIC.”

Testimonial from Dr. David

“PPIC respected my decision to fight malpractice suits.  They helped me find an outstanding, experienced defense lawyer.  They paid for numerous expert witnesses.  They even recommended a  well-known coach to improve my performance as a witness.  Legal process went on for years, with PPIC fully supportive.”

Testimonial from Dr. Mathew

“I have been extremely happy with PPIC.  I was provided great service and felt a personal relationship and trust that most other insurance carriers do not provide to the client.  It is scary to be on other side of the court, but I know that PPIC had my back and my best interests.  They respected my decisions and helped guide me through the process.  I feel very comfortable with PPIC and extremely happy with their service.”